Lunes, Marso 19, 2012

REFLECTION: The Ron Clark Story

Setting new benchmarks in the field of education is never been an easy task; it takes a global village of professional teachers who has an utmost dedication to make innovations – be it inside or outside of the classroom.

Our tasks as teachers does not end by giving/ delivering the lessons and discussing it to students; teaching does not end when 80% got passing scores: what about the other members of your class who failed and got low scores?  A good teacher should always think of the sake of his entire class and does not seek only for the excellent numerical grades for the cards of his class nor think of bringing recognition to school. A good teacher thinks of the status of his student’s learning – he evaluates and assesses it. Teaching involves being a surrogate parent to students; someone who care, guides, and brings out the best within their students for their achievement and success.

Like what Mr. Ron Clark exemplified, do not just meet and know your student’s background at school but rather take a home visit on their family to know them well in depth. Knowing their family backgrounds makes you know more of their attitudes and behaviors displayed in your classroom. Mr. Ron Clark has shown extraordinary strategic ways in teaching and making himself more efficient and effective teacher to his students in the teaching and learning process. As a first time teacher, he manage himself to keep abreast with the dynamism of his co-teachers achieving the position of a permanent teacher. But the journey of being a permanent teacher in their place does not make him contented about his teaching career, he move to another place to test his self and to improve his abilities. As a foreign in the city of New York, he became assertive to be a teacher – he learns to adapt and to adjust to his new environment. A teacher of his kind was determined to take a risk for a beautiful purpose in meeting and teaching new and diverse students; this is one characteristic that all teacher must have possess in the field.

Mr. Ron Clark is a picture of what a professional teacher should be nowadays. If all of our teachers are just like him, what a great future awaits for our children.

— JR Aquino- Payne


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  1. teacher does not limit his/her roles inside the class but beyond of it.